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May 12, 2017
filed under: Inspirational, Poetry

This is it
You have arrived
This is your destination point
Unbeknownst to you, this is where you’ve always wanted to be
In love with yourself
In love with your life
You had to leave stuff behind
You had to leave who you were used to being
Your old you is forever gone now
The things and people familiar to you had to stay at the last station
You know you couldn’t so you crossed it over
All by yourself
Few were the ones that came with you
It is okay to feel like this
It is okay to drop things along the way
They will catch up to you when the time comes
Or they won’t
And that is okay too
You keep going
No looking back now
Mourn if you must
But don’t go back
It is okay to fear the new and unfamiliar
It is okay to not know what comes next
But know this:
The road looks brighter with each step forward
The rainbow is already here
Your life has finally begun
Live, love, laugh
Light it up
Be the person you really are—
Who you could never be before
You’re at the top of the mountain now
So scream your lungs out
Be free, never hold back again
The things and people meant to meet you will come
Don’t wait; enjoy
This is your life
This is you
This is only the beginning

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