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March 3, 2018
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Once there lived a girl, she had been trapped by the cages of the world around her. She became afraid to live, and afraid to love. For every time she opened her huge and loving heart and let her true feelings show, the world outside would mock the girl’s intensity and make her believe she wasn’t worthy of anyone else. They would tell her she was too much, and that her heart just wasn’t fit for this world. And, despite appearances, the girl led a lonely and meaningless life. But she kept on going, sleepwalking through life, because deep down inside she knew she had to, something was always unconsciously pushing her through, whispering: “wait and you will see”. And so she did.

Once there was a lion, sleeping in the jungle of life. Somehow he, too, had been left alone and shunned. Something horrid had happened to him, that made him believe that he was unworthy and his life was worthless. Unaware of his own power and sovereignty, he became cold and distant. He, too, was trapped in a cage of his own making. Despite living in the big wide wild, he never let anyone or anything come too close.

Then once came a day, when their paths unexpectedly crossed, proving that life is really a wild and crazy ride. In the midst of the jungle, the two had become one. For the first time, they felt something real and pure. For the first time, she felt she could live—and love. And for the first time, he let someone touch his stone cold heart.

And then they had to part ways, proving that life really is unfair sometimes. But they each left something in the other. Like a seed. And they both learned, along the way, that only love would make that seed grow. So they kept feeding it love and more love. Until one day it would bloom and become the most grand and fruitful tree that ever existed. This tree would also feed and shelter others.

The girl and the lion found in each other the most sincere and beautiful feeling. They realized that they were both love and loved since the stars were formed. And that they had been in each other all along.

He fed her strength and she fed him faith. They kept each other both safe and wild at the same time. They found a perfect balance that can only come from the most genuine form of love. The divine one.

The girl became a Queen, and the lion became a King.

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