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February 2, 2017
filed under: Poetry

I feel all of you all the time
I feel your pain, I feel your sorrow
I feel you aching all over
Like there is no tomorrow
But it’s also the love I feel
Coming from you
That helps me endure this
For you
To help you
And from me to you
All my love I send
Believe me
It heals
You are healing
You are becoming who you were born to be
Been there, done that
You are just as strong
And getting even stronger
You come to me
Asking for my strength
I am here, like always
There’s no giving up in true love—
Our love
I know you can feel me
Just like I can feel you
So feel this
My love—
“Love is the most powerful force in the universe”
Our love is our greatest healer
We are each other’s saviors
The way you held space for me all this time
Now I do the same for you
I cannot go through this for you
Nor should I
All I can do is love you through it
So here I am
I am your pillar
Lean on me
In times of discomfort
For you are never alone
I had my time
Now it’s your turn
To become your greatest self—
Whom I’ve always known and trusted
Our love is getting higher
Our time is nigh
Rely on you
You are the strength you need
You are your most powerful force
But again— I am here
Like I have always been, like I will always be
Together, we move mountains
Together, love is not only powerful
But it is all there is
And all that will ever be
And we will have our time
Of heaven on earth


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