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October 12, 2017
filed under: Inspirational, Poetry

Oh my dear child

How I wish I could have held you in my arms

When you felt alone and misunderstood

When the world was too big and loud

And everyone around you was too busy and proud

I write to you now

Because I finally found you

And maybe it is too late

To tell you that I love you

That I understand you

And that I am never leaving you again

You are safe now

I want to thank you for never forsaking me

Even when I had forsaken myself

You were the little sparkle inside me

Telling me to always look on the bright side

To always try and see the best in everyone and everything

Saying to me: “the world isn’t a bad place, it’s just broken and forsaken just like you”

You were the one who helped me see kindness in the midst of hatred

You were the one who helped me see beauty in the smallest things

And made me believe in magic and miracles

…You made me believe in me

I tell you now

You were never completely abandoned

Deep inside you knew that I would come for you

To heal you, nurture you and love you

Like never before

I tell you now

You are beautiful, kind and important

You are unique

You are here to help make the world a better place

And for all the other beautiful children like you feel loved too

That’s what the world needs

More of love

More of you

Thank you for making me whole

Thank you for making me


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