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I can hear your every thought
I can sense your every pain
Don’t you despair, don’t you refrain
I know you, I trust you and I love you
I want you to know I am proud of you
For all that you are
For all that you have been
And for all that you have yet to be
You are stronger than you think
You are a warrior
You are a lion
You are a king
And most of all
You are the owner of my heart
Claim it.
It is time.

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“Sólo quiero cinco cosas…

Una es el amor sin fin.

Lo segundo es ver el otoño.
No puedo ser sin que las hojas
vuelen y vuelvan a la tierra.

Lo tercero es el grave invierno.
La lluvia que amé, la caricia
del fuego en el frío silvestre.

En cuarto lugar el verano,
redondo como una sandía.

La quinta cosa son tus ojos.
No quiero dormir sin tus ojos,
no quiero ser sin que me mires.

Yo cambio la primavera
por que tú me sigas mirando.”

— Pablo Neruda

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I took a leap of faith
I left behind all that was known
And stepped into the unknown
In the name of love
Only to be able to meet you
And become whole within myself


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Que tus ojos
No salgan de mi alma

Mira, mira
Mi alma

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Today I want to talk about your eyes
The way they fuel me with deep passion
The way they can see right through my soul
The way we hardly need words to express anything
Because when our eyes meet, we understand everything
The universe lies between our gaze
When you look at me, you set me ablaze
My foundations are no longer anywhere to be found
I see you, I feel you, I know you
Every bit of you
As you do me
You know me more than anyone on Earth
You know me more than my own self
Just by the way you stare at me
Your eyes strip me naked
From my head to my toes
And my heart and my soul
Your eyes are and will always be
My only truth and my only cure
Now I want to talk about your soul
The way it is the same as mine
The way they intertwine
The way they dance while our eyes inflame
Your soul is and will always be
My only sanctuary and my only home
And at last, I want to talk about you and me
Because it’s all that is
And all that will ever be
For now and all eternity