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December 13, 2017
filed under: Poetry

Awaken, my love

Come home to yourself

Come home to your soul

Our home is ours alone

Where your soul is my soul and we are one

Where we live life freely

Unbounded by rules

Yet rulers of our own world

The king and queen to each other

Our kingdom has a garden of fragrant lilies

Where fairies frolic around and call their playground

Where angels bathe in the sun whilst making poetry

And when we lay down on the green green grass, the wind penetrates our bodies as we become one with all that is

Our land is made of scintillant stars, magical rainbows and fulfilled dreams

Remember, my love

Our healing divine love

The way we fit into each other’s embrace

How our eyes make love to each other’s souls

The mere touch of our hands that causes wildfires on our skin

How words don’t make sense any longer

And the outside world is no more

Ease your heart, cast away your doubts

Awaken, my love

Remember our love

Come home to us

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